“March for the dignity of Venice” set for June 10

What follows is the announcement of the March for the dignity of Venice, set for June 10, 2018 and organized by Comitato NoGrandiNavi.

Venice must return to being a living city, with a diverse network of production. It cannot be razed by speculative rentals which are too quickly destroying its urban biodiversity.

The tourist monoculture is destroying the city while bringing wealth only to a few, with business that is often based on temporary or exploitative labor.

Instead Venice can be a center of activities that are connected to culture and to research, to the study of and innovation in ecologically compatible modes of production, guaranteeing income and distributing wealth to all.

On 10 June we invite to march with us all who see the environment as an essential element of the city, and not something extraneous and maybe to be sacrificed on the altar of a suicidal model of development.

Our march will declare that when one destroys the environment, they destroy the city. For this reason the big ships should stay out of the lagoon, for this reason we don’t want any new excavations, for this reason we must pursue measures which will lower the air pollution from urban traffic as well as maritime, and limit the consumption of land (which often brings with it speculation and conflicts of interest – to which the Mayor is no stranger).

Observing the work of this Administration, it appears that the traditions of this city recall an exclusive identity, closed and completely provincial.

This could not be more revisionist. Venice was for centuries a world city, and it was across the world that Venice made its fortunes, both commercial and cultural. It was, at the height of its historical trajectory, a crossroads of diverse cultures, a hub of international business, culture and art.

We have not forgotten this heritage. We cannot allow those who govern to reduce it all to an attraction with opening and closing hours.

Against the sexist and racist declarations and positions taken by those who govern us, we instead want to reaffirm that Venice is open and multicultural, and home to anti-sexist and anti-racist culture.

For all these reasons we will march Sunday 10 June.

For a diverse city, to restore dignity to Venice.

Comitato NoGrandiNavi – Laguna Bene Comune

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