City “Housing Plan”, 7 million Euro for property restorations: “1,000 more residents”

On Tuesday the allocation was approved by the administration; it now awaits final approval by the City Council. 168 more public housing units will be restored in Venice and on the islands. When the project is complete there will be 357 units.

The subject of housing has more than most raised an outcry from citizens and associations about the hundreds of perpetually empty public housing units in the face of numerous requests for adequate and affordable housing in the city. The City of Venice, as reported by Il Gazzettino, is responding to these requests with the allocation of 7 million Euro to prepare for rent all of the properties owned by Ca’ Farsetti by 2020. It is an ambitious plan, just looking at the number: 168 homes, between 60 and 100 square meters, all in Venice (including the islands). The objectives are to slow the depopulation of the city, aiming at young residents and families.

Target is 357 apartments by 2020, adding 1000 more residents

The measure was passed on Tuesday by the City administration with an amendment to the budget, as mentioned before, of just under 7 million Euro. The measure will be now be evaluated by the appropriate City and Municipal commissions before being sent to the City Council for the definitive OK. If all goes smoothly, the administration’s target is to complete the five year plan by putting 357 remodeled apartments on the market for residents.

Source: Venezia Today, 9 May 2018

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