Venice with turnstiles: “Now it is like Disneyland”


Venice with turnstiles: police officers at the gates and lines. “Now it is like Disneyland”

The City has deployed its anti-invasion measures. Controlled routes, police ready to close off access.

By Gloria Bertasi

VENEZIA. Day “x”, when Venice is fitted with stadium type turnstiles, has arrived. Saturday the gates were put in service amidst the complaints of Venetians who are very much against large gates at the entrance to the Ponte della Constituzione and Lista di Spagna. Early Saturday morning the routes controlled by the turnstiles were open, but the police were ready to close them in case of overcrowding. Over the gates signs have been mounted to separate tourists from residents and workers. There is one snag at Piazzale Roma, as each bus that arrives full of people from the mainland creates lines at the Ponte della Costituzione, where no more than two people at a time can pass.

The “bollino nero” days continue through Tuesday March 1, including provisions for redirection of foot traffic to avoid the most commonly used routes becoming overcrowded as happened on Easter weekend.

However, at the sight of these turnstiles Venice has raised a protest against a system of managing tourism that would signify the definitive transformation of Venice in to a sort of Disneyland. “All they are missing is the ticket office to charge entry fees”, quipped one of many unhappy residents. The President of the Municipality Andrea Giovanni Martini has issued a call to all fellow citizens: “Everyone go to the next City Council meeting to protest”.

Source: Corriere del Veneto, 28 April 2018

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