“Living on an Island” – 6 Coastal Cities to meet in Venice, 13 April 2018 to form a new network.


Six coastal cities of the eastern Mediterranean, six civic realities to compare. All are keepers of historic, environmental and architectural heritages of inestimable value, all can testify to the resulting tourist pressure, which according to all predictions is bound to grow.

In order to compare these different experiences and priorities, the inaugural meeting to christen a new network of associations will take place in the prestigious halls of Ateneo Veneto on 13 April at 14:30 (in sala Tommaseo). The meeting is being organized by the Association 25 Aprile of Venice. The second meeting will take place in Corfu in the month of October, with the objective of formalizing both the network and the shared values that we propose to represent and defend. We are aware of the necessity of building networks and “common causes” in order to be credible partners with the international organizations which have shown great openness to the stakeholders, and which given their institutional duties have something to contribute to the preservation of these treasures whose value transcends nationality.

The meeting at Ateneo Veneto, 13 April 2018 will feature reports from the following Cities/Organizations:

Ore 14.30 Greeting from Presidente dell’Ateneo Veneto, ambasciatore Gianpaolo Scarante

14.40 Introduction by Aline Cendon, associazione 25 aprile Venezia

Ore 15 reports from:


Σύλλογος San Giacomo

Ragusa (Dubrovnik)

Srđ je Grad


Rhodes International Culture & Heritage Society (RICHeS)


Oia Committee

Cipro (Pafos)

ex Artis Cultural Association


Associazione 25 aprile

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