Venice, a river of people never seen before on Easter Monday


Hours of waiting for public transportation. A sea of tourists and long lines everywhere. The appeal: use alternate routes.

VENEZIA. People everywhere. At times a river of people, making it almost impossible to turn back in the other direction. A great deal of patience needed in the Lagoon this Easter Monday. Lines to get on the vaporetti, in the calli and on the bridges, but also at the entrances of the museums: Venice is, in these hours, dealing with an unprecedented “assault” by tens and tens of thousands of tourists, thanks to the good weather.

The costs of this are borne above all by public transportation in the Lagoon, which are overflowing with visitors. Boarding a vaporetto from the Station required a wait of at least an hour and a quarter.

The biggest inconveniences were on the islands, with crowds on the bridges of Burano and Cavallino Treporti. Orderly lines, but very long, could be found instead at the entrances of the City museums, open with holiday hours, in particular at the Palazzo Ducale and Museo Correr.

A warning was issued for those returning from Lido or Torcello, but also from San Marco or Rialto. If you are in the historic city please choose alternate routes or at least don’t use the public transportation.

If, instead, you are on the islands, arm yourself with a healthy dose of patience or delay your return until the evening.

Finally, one last curiosity: notwithstanding all possible bans, the “cyclist” tourists have also returned; that is those who, in the absence of a designated space for bicycles at Piazzale Roma, don’t know where to leave their beloved “two-wheelers” and decide to bring them along, thus having to climb the bridges with them and creating risks there and in the calli.

Source: La Nuova Venezia, 2 April 2018

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