Open Letter of Protest: give alternatives to MoSE equal time at Exhibit in Venice


To: President of the Biennale di Venezia Paolo Baratta
Curators of the Biennale Architettura 2018 Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara
Dean of Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia prof. Alberto Ferlenga

Director of Public Works of Triveneto Ing. Roberto Linetti
Superintendent of Archeology, Arts and Lands for the City of Venice and Lagoon, Arch. Emanuela Carpani
Consorzio Venezia Nuova Commissioners Giuseppe Fiengo e Francesco Ossola
Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
We are activists, technicians, environmentalists and simple citizens who, for a long time, have strenuously opposed the Mo.S.E. project, a useless and damaging work, and a receptacle for corruption. Other solutions, with far less impact and cost for realization and maintenance, had been proposed, but the monopoly granted to the New Venice Consortium impeded any scientific initiative with bribes, illicit funding and even arguments (such as with the late Carlo Ripa di Meana and to the authors of alternative projects), not to mention charges and convictions against the activists who opposed the project with protests and demonstrations.

The arrests of 4 June 2014 and the trial of the biggest scandal of the century have proved us correct, but those in control still stubbornly insist that the massive work be completed, without technical/scientific controls by an independent Authority regarding the innumerable problems in the Mo.S.E. system, and without evaluating a possible change in the course of the work. The bribes and illicit funds were not to win contracts, given the monopoly that CVN has by law, but rather to get a flawed project approved, which has been revealed not only as the biggest scandal of the century, but also the largest waste.

Now – from the news press – we learn that, for the occasion of the 16th International Architecture Show, an exhibit will be mounted in the Thetis space at Arsenale regarding projects, never realized or financed, presented by IUAV in 2004, aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of the works at the openings of the Port: projects which at the time the then Permanent Assembly NoMose defined as “the pants of Mo.S.E.”. These projects were realized only in part (some were blocked by the Superintendent) and would have “prettied up” the eco-monster, transforming it in to a sort of, and which included an agreement between CVN and IUAV for expenditure up to 650,000.00 Euro (public funds, naturally), of which the environmentalists and activists of the time asserted that the “house of Mazzcurati” (the CVN) was in some sense securing the support of this important Venetian Ateneo. For the rest the investigation has revealed that CVN in fact paid everyone in the city (from the Curia to the Atenei, from the Bienniale to the publishing houses right up to the bowling alleys)  in order to win support for the project.

Now this exhibit is no small annoyance, and we, as thousands of venetian citizens, and others – to get equal time, until now not respected, not even after the “historic raid” of 4 June 2014 when they stubbornly continued to avoid exposure and requests for meetings about the problems faced by MoSE which over time are being revealed (from the hinges, to the more worrying problem of the resonance of the bulkheads) – ask that Bienniale di Venezia, together with IUAV, reserve an adequate space – in the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, among the others, called Freespace – a free space -, managed by us, to exhibit the countless studies and alternative projects to MoSE and the criticism of the works at the mouths of the Port, as well as material from the time of the mobilizations and protests. It would be an occasion for a moral and scientific redemption for the important Venetian cultural institutions that, at the time, instead of stimulating discussion and debate in the city, bent to the criminal power of the New Venice Consortium.

Venezia, 8 March 2018

Associazione AmbienteVenezia
Comitato No grandi navi – Laguna Bene Comune
S.a.l.e Docks
Laboratorio Morion

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