First G25A Call for Applications a Success. Group also celebrates reaching 2,000 members



VENICE, 5 February 2018

A great success for the first call for applications launched, as an experiment, by gruppo25aprile via their operations branch (the 25Aprile Association) with the goal of providing concrete help to someone who wants to remain in or return to Venice, but who has to fight with their bare hands against the armed wagon of the tourist monoculture that overwhelms everything in its path.

42 requests were received, 34 of which totaled a score of 40 or more points according to the provisional ranking list published today on the official page of the group,

There are 20 women and 14 men, spanning a range of ages from 24 to 64 years. Many professions are represented among the applicants, a confirmation of the practical difficulties encountered by those who want to stay in or return to Venice: for example, there are many commuters who, while having found work in Venice, have not been able to find a home at an affordable price. Among the applicants are small shipbuilders, teachers, healthcare workers, cooks, bankers, salesmen, waiters and hotel porters, ACTV boat workers and employees.

None of the six requests that are now in the top of the list are connected to any members of gruppo25aprile or their relatives; this confirms the interest generated by this initiative, which was launched as an experiment by this civic platform, which today is also celebrating reaching 2,000 members. Our thanks go to the daily papers and to the mass media who have helped spread awareness of this initiative outside the “perimeter” of the member of “25Aprile”.

The list of finalists includes a mother who lives alone with her son and has received an eviction notice due to her lease coming to an end.

“If with this call for applications we have allowed even just one family to not have to leave Venice, we can say that it was worth the effort, and that we are already gearing up for a second call for applications which will be launched at the end of June” – said Association spokesman Dario Vianello.

“At this point it is important that the City administration also do its part – added “gruppo25aprile” spokesman Marco Gasparinetti – because these numbers refute those who have asserted that “people do not want to live in Venice”: on the contrary, there are those who are holding on with all their strength to this city which is unique in the world, so that they won’t be forced to leave it, and likewise among those who work here there are many who would also like to live here, if only we could bring about a policy for housing that for too many years has been completely absent. This contribution of 3,000 Euro is just a drop in the sea: it is incumbent on others to do more and better in order to recognize this cry of pain that is also a cry of hope and of love for Venice”.

-Dario Vianello, spokesman for the 25 Aprile Association

-Marco Gasparinetti, spokesman for “gruppo25aprile”

“That which we do is only a drop in the ocean, but without this drop the ocean would be smaller”. – Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

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