Residents: Prisoners in our own city. Tourists: Venice for Carnevale? Never again!

turisti notte venezia carnevale-2

VENICE Jan. 28, 2018

The echoes of protest continue over the hardships brought on by the inauguration of Carnevale in Canareggio. For 11,000 people it was a dream show, with lights and colors reflecting on the water. For many thousands of others it became a late afternoon decidedly worth forgetting, with tourists declaring that they will “never ever return” to Venice for Carnevale.

“Prisoners in our City”

Many residents found themselves “prisoners” of the crowds blocked by gates in order to only allow a fixed number through: by just after 4 PM the situation had become unmanageable. A wall of people massed in Lista da Spagna and also towards the Ghetto, where, in the meantime, observances for the Day of Remembrance were underway. If one did not have an identity card and could not demonstrate residence among the blocked calle, there was no passage allowed. “We were not able to return to our homes – said Francesca – for Shame! We are not even free in our own city”.

Anger spreads on social media

The list of grievances is long: “From Strada Nuova to Piazzale Roma took an hour and a half – Giulia points out – Anyone who worked all day could not even manage to return to their home. People were using their fists to pass. Shameful”. Sara also looked to the past: “How is it that every time there is a festival in Venice it’s an absolute brothel – she said – there needs to be a fixed number for the tourists. There is too much confusion and no respect for the city”. Roberta cut to the chase: “Difficult to move? I would say impossible!”. For Flavia it was an ugly experience: “I was in Canareggio and even before things started I had to get away – she explained – for me it was too many people and a panic attack. Next year I believe I will not go even if, to be completely honest, this year was a bit better organized (at least the Exits were well indicated).

Source: – Venezia Today, 28 January, 2018

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