The Foscolo School of Murano is for sale, what is the Mayor’s plan?

A cry of alarm from the Municipality of Venice


The Ugo Foscolo School of Murano is for sale: who benefits from this?

It is quite difficult to understand what the goal is. It is even more difficult to understand the reasons why. In fact there is no need in the budget to justify selling public property.

Yet, emptied of classes last year and the splendid Palazzo Soranzo now sold, the primary school Ugo Foscolo of Murano has also been pulled in to the planned sell-off of property being pursued by the City.

We have to ask what vision there is for a city if the government puts the schools up for sale.

Selling a primary school signals the condemnation of an important area of the city to a slow and inexorable extinction.

What long-term design is there in the selling of the public heritage, which serves the people?

This Administration is not interested in developing a planning policy for the area it governs: selling a school for the best offer does not lead anywhere.

Selling the school rather symbolizes selling the Future, and the condemnation of the citizenry to a forced aging  in favor of the tourism monoculture that converts the palazzo in to a hotel, the umpteenth on the island.

What is the Mayor’s plan? During his election campaign Luigi Brugnaro promised to bring 30,000 new inhabitants to Venice: where are they?

What vision is there? What motivation can there be in this rush for cash without a thought for the citizenry?

The selling of the elementary school sounds, symbolically, like the death sentence of a city: there are no more children, but it doesn’t matter, there won’t be any more!

We’ll have another nice hotel.

Giovanni Andrea Martini

Riccardo Stellon, delegato dell’isola di Murano

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