No to Cruise Ships at Venice: International event set for Sept. 23 and 24


“Cruise Ships and Mose are nothing more than two sides of the same coin”. Environmentalist Cristiano Gasparetto opened the meeting presenting the Two Days against “the Monsters”, slated for Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th, starting with the sentence resulting from the inquiry regarding the Mose scandal.

“After the sentencing of Minister Altiero Matteoli, we ask why we have arrived at a system of such widespread corruption. The answer is simple: because without a system of widespread corruption Mose would never have been approved. The Cruise Ships, and all the Large Projects in general, work on the same principle. Without corruption, they would have no reason to exist.”

Gasparetto recalled that a ship at dock produces pollution comparable to that of a cement factory, and that the Director of the Port at the time, Paolo Costa, concluded that “it is not the port that is in the wrong place but rather the homes”. Which is to say: money comes first, and afterwards the health and well-being of the citizens.

There will be “two day of celebration to emphasize that the care of the Lagoon and of its inhabitants are more important than the profits of the international Cruise lines”: thus was presented today the events scheduled for next 23 and 24 September, at Venice, against Cruise Ships in the Lagoon.

In Venice, according to the organizers, there will be a coming together of representatives of No Tav from Valdisusa, No Muos from Sicily, Stop Biocido and No Tap from Salento. Furthermore there will be participants from the German movement against Stuttgard 21, the ‘Ciutat per a qui l’habita Palma delle isole Baleari’, the Portuguese Academia Cidada and the French Comitè against the construction of the Notre Dame des Landes airport.

The focal point of the events will be the great demonstration at the Zattere, the afternoon of Sept. 24, where a floating stage will feature musicians such as 99 Posse, Cisco of the Modena City Ramblers and others.

“We have for some time presented a request for a space in the water from the port authority, much as we have done in other occasions, – explains Tommaso Cacciari – and they still have yet to respond. But in any case the festival will happen. It will be a festival on land and on sea with a great many boats in the canal. It will be a festival for all Venetians and for those who have Venice at heart. To the political rulers who after 5 and a half years have yet to make a decision, we only ask that they stop trying to fool us”.

For Cacciari, regarding the solutions that have been studied, “we have only for someone to suggest replacing the Ponte della Libertà with a drawbridge to divert the ships to Murano and we’ll have reached the point of complete idiocy. The reality is that they do not know where to come down and they are buying time because they don’t know how to do otherwise. Punctually, every three months, someone steps up with a new solution. The most recent is to put the port at Marghera. I say only this: show us the projects and we will dismantle them scientifically as we did for Contorta. Because any solution that does not include removing the Cruise Ships from the Lagoon cannot be compatible with its care”.

Source: La Voce di Venezia, 16-9-2017

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