Venice Municipal President Andrea Martini lists initiatives for the City to a crowded Campo San Polo.

“La Città, lo salveremo noi!”  “It is we who will save the City!”

– Marco Gasparinetti, Gruppo25Aprile

Statement by Giovanni Andrea Martini, President of the Municipality of Venezia, Murano, Burano

I’d like to report some ideas which I proposed yesterday during the thrilling evening of open-air cinema at San Polo.

I do so because I think it is important to put them in the context of the whole city.

(What follows is the text of the speech delivered on 29 August in Campo San Polo, before the screening of Yuppi Du)

“We’ll try to put this evening, which the Municipality very much wanted, in context using a bit of cinema terminology:

Tight Shot – Campo San Polo

We have taken back Campo San Polo. This is a very clear demonstration that the City must see and understand. Therefore it should guarantee the reopening of open-air cinema. Along with this it should guarantee the resumption of publication of the journal Circuito Cinema, which has informed readers for thirty years, and which was discontinued by the current Administration.

Close Shot – Corto San Giacomo

Only a few steps from here is Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio where some citizens’ associations are trying to stop yet another destruction. The Region has sold the Casa dell’Anatomia and looks like it will become yet another hotel. Local citizens and associations are trying, also with the possible help of European funds, to turn it in to a center of study of the history of Venice which could also provide jobs to our young people. From next week on there will be cultural initiatives and screenings in the Campo. We will try in every way to save the Teatro dell’Anatomia.

Medium Shot – Cannaregio

Breaking news: yesterday after a meeting with the Cultural Directors we may consider as saved the Teatro Groggia, its activity and those who, so well up to now, under the guidance of the Municipality, have conducted it. This is a victory which we have pursued for the whole summer. Then, at San Leonardo on 12 and 13 September we will host the Tribunale Internazionale for evictions due to tourism, an important meeting that will join two problems which we doggedly follow: housing and tourism.

Long Shot – Campo dei Gesuiti

There are enlightened merchants who are indignant at the attempt to take space from the Municipality, and who have offered their spaces for cultural and social activities. Thus in September will begin a cooperative effort in Campo dei Gesuiti that will be called ‘In-chiostro’ with book presentations, meetings, etc.

Distance Shot – the Whole City

Housing, tourism, commerce, water traffic and transport, all are problems which grow ever heavier and ever more unresolved regardless of our proposals. So: we will continue to fight for the Distance Shot that should encompass the whole city, and that is the recovery of the quality of life that this city promises.

With the determination that this Campo demonstrates, and all of us remaining united – I will say it in Italian – ce la possiamo fare! (Yes we can!).”

Source: Facebook, with permission of author



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