Italia Nostra-Venezia responds to Cracow: UNESCO Disappointment and Condemnation

What follows is the statement from Italia Nostra-Venezia in response to the decision taken by UNESCO in Cracow:


A predictable decision, in light of UNESCO’s misinformation.

This does not only concern misinformation. There is also a genuine, very serious step backwards.

With this last decision they have reneged on the “Draft Decision 40 COM 7B.52” in which the World Heritage Committee in July 2016 at Istanbul called on the Italian Government to keep grandi navi out of the Lagoon (pg. 71)

  1. Also reiterates its request to the State Party to adopt, as a matter of urgency, a legal document introducing prohibition of the largest ships and tankers to enter the Lagoon and requests the State Party to put in place all necessary strategic, planning and management frameworks to this end;

And today in Cracow? Permission given to the Government and the City of Venice to continue to argue over grandi navi at Marittima, excavating Vittorio Emmanuele, and the supertankers at Marghera, between chemicals and poisons. Still and always in the Lagoon.

It was this Section of Italia Nostra to call attention to the site Venice and its Lagoon, with three heartfelt letters. And they were apparently received with great consideration: the UNESCO commissioners, visiting Venice in the Autumn of 2015, had in effect reported their alarm for the conditions of the site, eventually issuing eight recommendations with which the Italian State had to comply.

None of these 8 recommendations have been affected, not by the Government nor by the City of Venice.

Taking time, not immediately recognizing the decline – material and cultural – underway, is irresponsible.

Italia Nostra therefore, with great disappointment, condemns UNESCO’s position of abandoning Venice, its’ Lagoon and its last, remaining inhabitants.

Italia Nostra-Venezia 7-7-17

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