“I Am Not Going Away”. Citizens’ March for Venice set for July 2 as UNESCO readies the ‘verdict’ for Venice’s inclusion on list of Endangered Sites

“I am not going away”. This is slogan under which 27 Groups, Associations and others have already signed on to participate in a broad coalition of citizens which will march in defense of Venice on Sunday, 2 July 2017. While awaiting the ‘verdict’ of UNESCO regarding the possible inclusion of Venice on the World Heritage Endangered Sites list, Venetians have had enough of the many unresolved and damaging problems facing the city, as well as the ongoing selloff of public buildings and resources. They march for a living Venice, not a museum display devoid of life. What follows are the official announcements for the event.


On July 2 UNESCO will open its session which has been called to make an announcement regarding the possible inclusion of Venice in the list of Endangered Sites. We who live, work and study in Venice need not wait for a “verdict” from UNESCO to denounce the many Institutional omissions and the lack of responses to the many problems which we have pointed out for years.

An ineffective Mayor, an absent Regional Govt. and complacent Ministries may perhaps hope to fool UNESCO, which is far away, but those who live or work here are touched personally every day by the far too many unresolved problems, by the lack of housing and professional work, to the damages caused by mass tourism of low quality that consumes everything for its needs and is devastating the social fabric of the city with a continuous exodus of residents and the disappearance of local businesses, artisinal activity sacrificed for mass produced junk, and water traffic near collapse.

Venice deserves better. To the citizens, leaders, to the committees and to the associations we call for a show of pride to give a loud voice to the idea that now is the time to turn the page.

On 2 July we will gather united, without the flag of a party, to reclaim our right to stay, or return, to live in that which some would like to reduce to a simple window display, without life or inhabitants.

2 July at 11 AM, this citizens’ demonstration departs from Campo dell’Arsenale. Gather in Campo dell’Arsenale starting at 10:30, and the march will follow a course from Fondamente Arsenale along Riva Ca’ di Dio and Riva degli Schiavoni towards Palazzo Ducale.

On 2 July we will demonstrate for many reasons, for reasons for demonstrating we have many. On this YouTube channel you will fine video interviews which we are recording during these days:


On 2 July we also demonstrate because this year we have already lost: Camera di Commercio, Catasto, Ca’ di Dio. Meanwhile the Veneto Region is selling Palazzo Balbi and Palazzo Gussoni, and “La Vida” in campo San Giacomo. The former Hospital of the Sea on Lido will become a Club Med and the headquarters of the Municipal Police is on the list of buildings to sell off in 2017: the City will rid itself of this as well, after having sold the Casa del Custode of the adjacent Giardini Papadopoli in 2016, and Lagoon residents go dry on the mainland because the Seaplane port of Vignole must become a luxury “resort”.

Sunday, 2 July: if you value Venice, we’ll see you at the Arsenale.

What follows is the list of Participants in the March (updated as of June 26).

  • AGESCI Venezia 7
  • ARCI Circolo Franca Trentin Baratto
  • Assemblea Sociale per la Casa
  • Comitato per la restituzione dell’Arsenale a Venezia
  • Effetto Venezia
  • Forum Futuro Arsenale
  • Generazione 90
  • Gruppo25Aprile
  • Gruppo WSM
  • Italia Nostra
  • L’Altra Venezia
  • Masegni & Nizioleti
  • Movimento Autonomia di Mestre
  • Possibile
  • Sanca veneta
  • Scendiamo in campo
  • Società di Mutuo Soccorso Carpentieri e Calafati
  • Sindacato Unione Inquilini Venezia
  • Venessia.com
  • Venezia Arte Cultura & Turismo
  • Venezia Cambia
  • Venezia-Mestre Due Grandi Città
  • #VeneziaMioFuturo
  • Verdi Ambiente Società
  • Daniele Giordano, Segretario Generale CGIL-FP Venezia
  • Giovanni Andrea Martini, Presidente Municipalità Venezia
  • Mario Ragno, Segretario Generale UIL-FPL Venezia

3 thoughts on ““I Am Not Going Away”. Citizens’ March for Venice set for July 2 as UNESCO readies the ‘verdict’ for Venice’s inclusion on list of Endangered Sites

  1. Venice is the work of the Laguna’ s daring early settlers . It’s a miracle , it’s fragile , it demands our respect love and constant care : NO to mammoth cruise ships, NO to massive takeovers of shops restaurants bars by greedy speculators, NO to cheap mass tourism, No to fake Murano souvenirs made in China, NO to prohibitive rental prices that prevent locals from finding housing within the City. Best wishes for the March !


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