Mixed Group on Tourism: after 5 months, proposals are presented, then “postponed”. Councilors call delay “embarrassing”.


VENEZIA. Yesterday (19 April 2017) for the whole day Council commissions reviewed three proposals, written five months ago by the Mixed Group, to submit to the City Council regarding residence and tourism. The delay has provoked much controversy among the Councilors, in particular those who submitted the text on 5 September 2016. Technical review, though, has defined the proposals as mere guidance, without structure or anything concrete, elements which are necessary to change them in resolutions.

The day, which according to Maurizio Crovato cost six thousand Euro to convene, concluded with the idea that the proposals need to be expanded. “It is true that the means are not indicated point by point” said Councilors Renzo Scarpa and Ottavio Serena “But for us it is important that they address three key concepts: tax exemptions to help the residents, a fixed number of visitors corresponding to the number of residents and a ticket for entry. The delay is embarrassing, we should have sent a warning”. Saverio Centenaro, Councilor for FI, said that the proposals could be taken as guidelines and later expanded, but are not yet presentable in Council as they are now, while Monica Sambo of the PD emphasized how in the election campaign Mayor Luigi Brugnaro had promised to bring back 30,000 residents. “I was told that it is infantile to reproach something which it is obvious cannot be done” the Councilor said and wrote on Facebook “But then they are taking the electorate for a ride. I believe it is impossible to bring back 30 thousand in a short time, but with a sensible and farsighted plan one can stop the exodus”.

“It does not make sense to proceed along two parallel paths” said Tourism Assessor Paola Mar, “We have heard 23 associations, individuals or groups, which in these months have worked a great deal to present proposals on the flow of tourists and regarding residence, with many detailed projects. The content of the Councilors of the Mixed Group is a draft that will be developed, but for guidelines there are already those that were approved in Council in December 2015”.

Source: La Nuova di Venezia April 20, 2017

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