Newly revealed Paris document reveals what Brugnaro thinks Venetians really want: more parking (at favorable prices)

The now famous dossier that maybe did or did not go to Paris for the meeting with UNESCO on Jan. 24, but probably did get sent on Jan. 31 or thereafter is now available to the public after a lengthy delay. Special mention should be made of City Councilor Monica Sambo for her tenacious efforts to get this document finally released. Thanks to Gruppo25Aprile we already have a preview of its contents, which seem to include inaccurate population numbers, the assertion that the “emptying” of the city is a “physiological process” and more.

For now we invite you to consider the document’s (apparently only) effort at offering something in support of the citizens: a new boat terminal and cheap parking at Tessera:

“Just as strategic for the residents and the businesses of the islands of Burano and Murano and of all the northern Lagoon is the work on the boat terminal, with stops for public transportation and ample parking at reduced prices for the residents, which will represent and vital and concrete boost to the support of livability in the islands and for economic development.”

Wait,  you say, weren’t Venetians just protesting more parking at Tessera?

Yes indeed they were! The sign reads “Enough cutting trees” not “More parking for the cars many of don’t even own”.


More soon!

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