Requests for UNESCO dossier remain unfilled. Councilor Sambo: “the residents have the right to know what was said in Paris”

The City has not made available to the City Councilors of the PD – notwithstanding the official request for access to the documents – the dossier on tourism, environment and cruise ships that Mayor Luigi Brugnaro presented at Paris a few weeks ago during the official meeting held with the Director General of UNESCO Irina Bokova. And the City Councilor Monica Sambo, in the name of the party, now has turned directly to City of Venice Secretary General Silvia Asteria.

“The request for access to the documents,” writes Sambo, “was presented more than a month ago under Article 43,2 of the Unique Local Entities Text and Article 55 of the Rules of the City of Venice concerning administrative procedures and access to administrative documents; the request for the documentation presented to UNESCO by the Mayor on the occasion of the meeting held at Paris with President Irina Bokova as well as that eventually sent to the minister remains to this day unfilled. We have found it necessary to turn to the Secretary General to intercede to see if our request might be satisfied, now that the deadline for presentation has passed. In the meantime we learn that during the final meeting with Undersecretary Ilaria Borletti Buitoni, Assessor De Martin referred to a request from Italia Nostra regarding the same object as our request, promising to publish the documents we have solicited. We are now waiting for the Administration to do what has been promised without further delay, to allow not only the Councilors but also the citizens to know what they intend to do for the city”.

A few days ago at IUAV a meeting was held dedicated to the subject of Italian UNESCO sites, focused in particular on Venice, at which the Assessor of the Environment Massimiliano De Martin discussed some of the Administration’s ideas. But given that UNESCO had to be given a genuine dossier, one wants now to know the contents in detail, with the commitments made on paper.

Source: La Nuova Venezia, March 7, 2017

Monica Sambo’s follow up to this story on Facebook, March 8, 2017:

“The City has had to ask the authorization of the Ministry to give me the UNESCO dossier, because it is a procedural act, already underway, and not available to the administration. Therefore I cannot understand … what did they bring to UNESCO for the famous meeting of last January?

  1. If it is the same document I do not understand why some Councilors were already able to see it in January when they went to Paris, while if I must see it there is need for an authorization.
  2. Was there a different document, so then there are two documents?
  3. Or even, perhaps there was no document in January?

While waiting for the mystery of the lost dossier to be revealed I recall that Assessor De Martin has promised to make it public; after all this concerns a document that could explain the Administration’s strategy for protecting the residences of the historic city and for managing the flow of tourists, and I don’t understand how it has not already been explained to Venetians.”

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