Martini:”ever more evident conflicts of interest… place in doubt whether Luigi Brugnaro can be the legitimate representative of our city.”

We cannot help but be gravely concerned by the Mayor’s uses of public spaces. Surely the most recent case is his use of the Council Hall of Ca’ Farsetti for the presentation of the Umana Reyer players (a basketball team Brugnaro owns – ed. ). Needless to say that hall has long been denied to the Council of Municipalities.

It is hard to forget how other spaces in the city have been used to host fuscia tables with the Mayor.

Other examples could be mentioned, but what drives us is to underline is that public spaces should be for the use of the citizens and not as a stage for publicity for the first citizen.

We are concerned by the signs of the desire to centralize in the city offices roles that respond directly to the needs of the territory.

We fear that these could be used for roles that do not respond to the need of the social and cultural life of the citizens.

The question of the use of public spaces is one example, not the worst, of the ever more evident conflicts of interests of Mayor Brugnaro which place in doubt whether he can be the legitimate representative of our city.

Giovanni Andrea Martini, President of the Municipality of Venezia

Anna Messinis, Venezia 2020

Riccardo Stellon, PD

Gabriele Piasentini, Venezia Bene Comune

Renzo Busetto, Manager of Public Spaces

Source: Facebook, 2-24-2017

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