Call to Action! PandAmonio: a cry for help we must answer

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Towards the end of the video of the Feb. 17th flashmob, amongst the calls of “Vivo Venezia!” from the panda-garbed crowd, you can hear one person crying “aiutateci!” – “help us!”. I write today to ask all of you who have visited and followed this site, all of you who love and care about Venice, to do exactly that.

“We appeal to the solidarity of the whole world, because Venice, with its inhabitants and its unique culture, is the heritage of all humanity, and not the private property of a few interests.” – #Venicemyfuture spokesman Marco Gasparinetti

The #PandAmonio flashmob was meant to focus the world’s attention on the situation in Venice; likewise it is the mission of the CFLV to do the same. The struggle to save Venice must be a worldwide effort. Each one of us who cares about the lagoon city from afar – our help is needed to show the world what is happening to Venice. There is no time to lose, and we can all start right now.

CALL TO ACTION: We ask each of you to do three things:

  • Use the Panda picture as your profile picture this week
  • Share or re-share the CFLV Facebook page with all your Friends
  • Share the CFLV FB page and web site via e-mail to your contacts


Here is a sample of what you might say to people you are contacting: “Venice is not sinking, it is being suffocated! We are (I am) supporting a group of Venetian citizens who are protesting policies which are causing the loss of inhabitants at the pace of 3 per day – from among the remaining 54,000 people (once there were 150,000). Please visit the Campaign for a Living Venice web site and FB page to learn more about this crisis, local movements in Venice, and to get involved in supporting the citizens and the city. Venice needs your support! Thank you.”

In the coming months there will be initiatives to help and lend support to the city of water and its precious inhabitants. Suggestions and ideas are very welcome; please send any and all to .

Thank you,

Paul Rosenberg

Campaign For A Living Venice

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