#Venicemyfuture Press Release: Venice, a fish called Panda?

Press Release:

Venice, a fish called Panda?

That which begins tomorrow is no longer our Carnevale: it is a slot machine for milking the tourists 11 out of 12 months: the only month with a respite for us is January.

In order to get the maximum out of this slot machine, it is necessary to empty Venice of its citizens, and the mission is almost done. Almost… but we who live here are not done; we are here to stay and to stand for our right to remain in our city.

Are Venetians a species destined for extinction? The giant panda also was such, and the good news is that it no longer is. A global symbol of the protection of nature, the giant panda was threatened by extinction. In 2016 it was removed from the category of “endangered species”, to be moved to the “vulnerable” category.

On the eve of a Carnevale that is no longer ours, we reclaim:

our right to live in Venice;

our resistance to the speculation that would chase us from our city to make way for the slot machine that wants to swallow all;

our capacity to offer solutions to the growing problems.

We do this with panda masks, to attract the attention of the whole world. We do this today at 4m Venice time at the steps of the Church of the Madonna della Salute, which was erected by our forebears when the population of the city dropped from 143.000 to 98.000 inhabitants in 1630. Today there are only 54,600 residents left.

A new surge is needed, with the same energy that in 1630 enabled the city to be reborn after the plague. We appeal to the solidarity of the whole world, because Venice, with its inhabitants and its unique culture, is the heritage of all humanity, and not the private property of a few interests.

We ask you to share these images and videos; we want you to share them if you share our dream and our fight. Today we will be hundreds and may be thousands to do it, in front of the Church and on Facebook.

#Venicemyfuture, February 17, 2017

Translation by: Paul Rosenberg

Contact points:

Marco Gasparinetti +39.345.345.9663

Nicoletta Frosini +39.388.744.4263

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/veneziamiofuturo/

Blog : https://gruppo25aprile.org

Twitter : https://twitter.com/25aprileVenezia

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-sfXhzUreglvd31GpX0jFg

Email: 25aprile2015@gmail.com


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