Cruise Ships in Venice: Senator Casson accuses Minister Delrio of “telling tall tales”. Comitato No Grandi Navi and Ambiente Venezia send letter to UNESCO

Ambiente Venezia writes to UNESCO, Casson questions Gentiloni: “Transparency and respect for the law regarding the alternatives”. The CISL insists: “No cruise ships at Marghera”

“Omissions and behavior not becoming a Minister. To the Camera he has told tall tales regarding the business of the cruise ships.” Senator Felice Casson went on the attack against Minister of Infrastructure Graziano Delrio. And yesterday he submitted an urgent request to the President of the Council Paolo Gentiloni in which he asked for “transparency” regarding the question of the alternatives. UNESCO is looking in to Venice and its emergencies. The most critical are the large projects, tourism, the collapse of the lagoon and the cruise ships. In a few days the government will send to Paris the report put together with the City regarding the situation in Venice. With support from the City for excavating a new canal, Tresse Nuovo, and the plan put out by the Minister to examine the solution for Marghera.

The Committees “No Grandi Navi” and “Ambiente Venezia” have sent a letter to the president of UNESCO Irina Bokova, recalling how the problem of the cruise ships at San Marco is not yet resolved. “Five years after the tragedy of the Costa Concordia and the Clini Passera decree”, said spokesperson Luciano Mazzolin, “nothing has been done. Perhaps the intent of this is to leave things as they are”. “Time is being wasted with solutions that will never be done, like Tresse”, echoed Armando Danella, “and they pretend to not know that only one project has been presented and has the positive opinion of the Via commission for environmental impact, that is the terminal at Lido”.

Casson announced that he has asked of the head of the government “specific guarantees of transparency and respect for the process of law”. This means, he explained, “that the government cannot speak of projects that do not exist in final form”. He asked also to know what meetings have taken place between the Minister and representatives of the cruise ship companies. And “the exact terms of the business of the Minister’s Counsel, his activity with cruise ships and the Law on Ports, recently passed to the counterpart’s employees”. And he solicited Delrio to publicly release, “as provided by law”, the project released by Via with a good reception at the High Council of Labor. “If not,” he writes, “we will be looking at lost revenue”. “One cannot pretend to not know”, continued Casson, “that an alternative project exists that keeps the cruise ships out of the Lagoon, the Venice cruise 2.0. The Marghera plan has already been rejected by the Via commission when it was examined in the preliminary phase of evaluating projects for the industrial area”.

This therefore restarts the argument over what is the best solution to keep the cruise ships out of San Marco and the Guidecca Canal. Massimo Memghetto, secretary of the Femca CISL, repeated the “no” of the unions to the Marghera plan and to Lido. “The cruise ships should not go to Marghera”, he said, “we need to keep Marittima and build the ‘off-shore’.

Source: La Nuova Venezia, Jan. 28, 2017

Editor’s Note: Senator Felice Casson was a candidate for Mayor of Venice in the last election.

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