Our Holiday Card to Venice, 2016

For the past three months people from all over the world have been signing our Statement of Support, and many have left heartfelt comments that reflect their deep love for Venice and deep concern for the city. I’ll let them speak for themselves, with wishes for Buone Feste, a Buon Capodanno, and the hope that all the work and energy of so many people on behalf of Venice will grow and thrive in 2017.


Questa città, UNICA, FRAGILE, PREZIOSA deve essere rispettata e salvaguardata per la sua bellezza irripetibile. D.P., Italy

Lavender, aqua and dove grey, glints of gold and the shining silver of wet fish scales, an almost mythical city of solid structures rendered delicate by color and artistry, Venice shines in the memory and imagination. Man built this lovely city and man can save it. K.P., USA

Please save Venice for the lovely and generous people who live there. J.M., USA

I live in Venice, I wanted to live in Venice, I want to continue to live in Venice and not to leave it. Venice is a town, is not a museum! Thank you for supporting us! P.S., Italy

It breaks my heart to know that Venice is being destroyed so flagrantly, or in any way. Greedy tourist companies must have no place in the decisions or laws to keep her safe. She has no voice but ours, so please, please heed our call to save her for the richness of her history and her gift to posterity. To destroy her is a Crime Against Humanity!  R.S., USA

Because I love Venice! J.D., U.K.

A good part of my family is from Venice, it was the dream place of my childhood. Please, don’t let it die! S.S., USA

Venice needs respect for its fragility and its beauty, the whole world should care about it! M.M., Italy

We need to preserve Venice as a place of living! P, Finland

The present situation in Venice is such a tragedy. You have a beautiful, unique city, steeped in history and tradition and we hope that governments wake up and take action to preserve it! D.N., Australia

Thank you for this vital cry for Venice, the city has indeed become Disneyland, and the tourists are destroying it, but most of all destroying the spirit. The venetians must not be driven out. M.W., Italy

Difendere Venezia è un impegno per tutti. U.F., Italy

Venezia è nel mio cuore, M.O., USA

Pour que la ville redevienne un lieu de vie, et non uniquement un lieu touristique à la solde des marchands. P.A., France

Française je réside souvent a Venezia, le plus que je peux, je respecte et j’aime cette ville et ses habitants – il faut une Venise vénitienne, qui loge les étudiants, des familles simples, avec des commerces de proximité… Le tourisme ne doit pas asphyxier la ville, et stop aux grandi navi! Venezia a besoin de respect. C.H., France

Dare un futuro dignitoso alla nostra città dove la cultura funga da driver delle decisioni e della sua gestione: abbiamo bisogno di abitanti e di lavori qualificati non di turisti. G. B., Italy

Ti AMO tanto non voglio perderti. H. V., Belgium

I love Venice and I support her citizens. Let’s come together and make a difference! N.Z., USA


L’incantevole Serenissima I hope I can make a difference. N. B., Canada

I have had the opportunity to live and work in Venice as well as visit as a tourist. We need to work together to save this fabulous city and its people. D.P., U.K.

Please save this Wonder of the World from becoming another Disneyland.  E. B. Australia

Love this city! Praying for Venice. M.T., USA

I stand with all who love Venezia and support its citizens in their fight to preserve its heritage and develop a sustainable future for this unique jewel of a city. M.S. USA

This is shameful. Stop the invasion and return Venice to her residents. J.K. , USA

Venezia lives in my heart. J.C. , Canada

Venice is a most beautiful and unique place – and it is also a place that the Venetians would like to call home. Sadly too many shops and services that are part of a community have gone away. We all must work together so that profit is not the only driving force behind the changes happening in Venice – but also preservation, sustainability and community. E.R., USA

Venice is marvel that must be saved and preserved. Only Venetians know how to take care of their city. Please keep up the good fight! I.N., Croatia




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