“Our actions will be visible and modifiable if we make mistakes.” A look at Luigi Brugnaro’s first comments to Venice.

In light of the recent fast tracking of the Marittima project, followed quickly by a ‘Pact for Venice’ that includes money for increasing tourism and excavating canals, without addressing or even mentioning the many of the pressing issues  for the citizens of Venice, it seemed a good time to go back to what Mayor Luigi Brugnaro had to say when he was elected.

“From tomorrow, we work for security, for jobs and for the young. What we do from now on is for the whole city, because ours is not a movement for one part, but we are for the city and all the citizens. From tomorrow all you citizens will be useful because the revitalization of the city is something we will do together, outside of all partisanship.” –Luigi Brugnaro, 6-15-2015 in his first speech after winning the election for Mayor.

“There is the will on our part to revitalize Venice in to a world class city.” –Brugnaro, 6-19-2015, greeting US First Lady Michelle Obama

“We have an idea of delegation that is participatory and democratic, because participation is liberty. The citizens have given us a trust which rests on our shoulders and we want to respond with a pact with them… our actions will be visible and modifiable, if we make mistakes, with the spirit of humility and courage.” –Brugnaro, 6-30-2015, introducing his new city government appointees

This government’s actions certainly are visible, and notable for lacking any of what Brugnaro says above. Where is the courage, humility, democracy, participation? When does Brugnaro plan to get all of the city would be involved in a world-class revitalization of the city?

These seem to be promises and high sentiments of which Mayor Brugnaro needs to be reminded of, and often. There are many things indeed that need ‘modification’, and we’d love to see the courage and humility on the part of this government to admit it has not lived up to what was promised.

Source for quotes; La Voce di Venezia

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