New Law Tightens Ban on Bicycles in Venezia

The City of Venice has issued a new ban on bicycles in the city, hoping to stop visitors from pedaling down the calle and locking their bicycles to monuments, lamp posts, bridges, etc. While riding in the city was already prohibited by an earlier rule, it is now prohibited to carry or push bicycles by hand throughout the city as well.

The tighter rule comes in response to the growing number of tourists arriving at Piazzale Roma hoping to bike through the city or ride in Piazza San Marco. The idea is to prevent the bicycles from entering the city in any fashion.

In the meantime provisions are made for citizens of Venice who own a bicycle and want to take it to Lido or the mainland. Children aged 8 or less are allowed to ride in the city, with the exception of Piazza San Marco.

Source: La Voce di Venezia, 10-25-2016

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