The City of Venice announces the formation of a technical working group on management of tourism

Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro has announced the formation of a ‘technical working group’ to review and analyze proposals for the management of the flow of tourists in the city. The city has already announced that it will listen to and share proposals from citizens, associations and Commissions. The working group, made up of city officials and other representatives, is tasked with gathering these ideas and proposals and reviewing them from the technical point of view as well as that of legal sustainability. The goal is to help the City come up with its own proposal that is both technically and legally sustainable, while also viable economically and ecologically and practicably manageable.

To guarantee maximum transparency, working group meetings will be streamed live on the City of Venice web site. “For the first time the City of Venice will address the management of tourism in a serious, public and proactive way,” explained Assessor of Tourism Paola Mar, “with the object of finding a definitive solution.”

Mar continued, “I invite everyone: associations, groups formal and informal, businesses and individual citizens to send their proposals. To participate in the hearings of the Commission send e-mail to…” Proposals are required to include a packet of details, including regulatory profiles, areas of intervention, economic conditions and time-frames for implementation.

Source: La Voce di Venezia, 10-8-2016


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