Videos from Venice: A Powerful Testimony of Civic Engagement

Upon this page are links videos that have been posted by four groups active in Venice: Generazione 90, Comitato NO Grandi Navi, Gruppo25Aprile, and Veneziamiofuturo. Though each one of them recounts different events, a common thread runs through them all, and that is the faces of committed, caring and determined people who are willing to to go door to door, march in the streets, paint banners and take small boats in front of giant cruise ships. This they do for the love of the city, and for the dream of remaining there, and the hope of living well there.

These first two videos are about the organizing for Ocio ae Gambe march by Generazione 90: In September 2016 Venetians gathered together to march through the main city with their shopping carts, to draw attention to how the overcrowding in the city was preventing them from even simple tasks, like grocery shopping.

At the end there are a string of young people explaining that they were born in Venice, it was their city, their parents are there and they want to stay there. So they got together and organized this (Facebook videos won’t preview on this page, please click the links):

Gen90 Video 1

In the second video we see the members of Generazione 90 going store store and explaining the purpose of the march.

Gen90 Video 2

This video, posted by Gruppo25Aprile, gives the summary of UNESCO’s findings and declaration of the February 2017 deadline after which Venice will be placed on the World Heritage Endangered List:

This is a video of the Comitato NO Grandi Navi greeting and protesting the giant Cruise ships as they have for years now. This video is from September 2016: the event is a variety of celebration and resistance. There was a festive atmosphere as you’ll see, with food and music, so this even is as much Yes to Venice as a No to the Grandi Navi.

This video is coverage of the birth of the Veneziamiofutoro movement in July 2016. Though completely in Italian, it is worth watching if you don’t understand Italian just to see all the people and all the banners. The first interview is with Marco Gasparinetti, who summarizes the problems of housing, jobs, uncontrolled tourism, uncontrolled motor traffic in the lagoon and the disappearance of the middle class in Venice. The second interview is with a man who calls for separation of Venezia and Mestre, a cause dear to Venetians because they share city government with Mestre, which is completely different and much larger, rendering Venetian citizens a minority voting bloc in their own city.

Veneziamiofuturo Video

This video, just published, shows us one of Venezia’s most important assets, the children. They can be heard saying ‘Venezia è il mio futuro”(Venice is my future) as they play. We fervently hope to make this wish come true for them and for all who wish to live – and play- in the city they, and we, love so dearly. The title is “Venice My Future: As Seen By Children.”

In early March 2017 word reached Venice that the Maritime Pines at Tessera were being cut down to make way for more parking. A petition was launched on and within 24 hours 1100 signatures were already registered, making the news in the local papers.

On Sunday March 12 member of a variety of groups, including Venicemyfuture, Ambiente Venezia and Comitato No GrandiNavi met at Tessera among the pines with their families and friends. There they publicly protested the cutting and went one step better, planting new trees to replace those that had already been removed. The signs say, “Basta tagliare gli alberi per fare parcheggi” which means “Enough cutting trees to make parking spots”.

This video documents some of the event. At the beginning of the video two children are interviewed. After telling the interviewer that they know that the trees are being removed for parking, and that yes, they think it is wrong because the trees “have a right to live like all living things” and that without them “we may die for lack of air”, the interviewer asks them why it is they think that adults don’t understand. Their response: “because adults have no imagination – they only think of making money.”

They speak, as Venicemyfuture points out on their Facebook post of this video, “with the disarming force of truth.”