This statement is from the Who We Are page of the VeneziaCamb!a (Venice Changes) web site.

“Venezia Cambia is a citizens’ movement that is working toward a new political practice. In our City the crisis of representation and of democracy has had disastrous results in the past few years.

For this Venezia Cambia calls on all citizens and all civic associations to defend the great cultural, environmental, civic and symbolic heritage of Venice.

Today, as citizens, we are engaged in a new political phase, in a sharp break with the past. This requires the capacity to involve all the forces that live in the community of citizens, with authentic practices that track, propose and verify the work of City Councillors and the Municipality, in the commissions and the committees, of the elected representatives. Participation, transparency, legality and accountability are the pillars of our civic task and of our political proposal that continues following, proposing and checking each decision of the city government.

Venezia Cambia wants to contribute to this process of radical renewal together with the many honest and responsible citizens who intend to participate with their skills and passions in the life of the community, to restore the City to the citizens and better the quality of life.”