Two Months for Venice: a new e-mail campaign. #Veniceiswaiting #VeneziaAspetta

Dec. 17, 2016

Campaign for A Living Venice announces a new e-mail campaign to coincide with the final two months before the UNESCO deadline in February. Venice will be placed on the World Heritage Endangered Site list if progress is not made on a list of pressing concerns facing the city (to review the actual UNESCO document click here). So far indications are that little will be done in time.

This e-mail campaign is meant to show the leaders who can begin fixing these problems that we are tired of waiting for action. We’ve created the image below for anyone to copy and paste in to an e-mail. We suggest sending it to the following addresses:

Please copy us at when you send your message!

Here is the image:  Just copy, paste, add your own comments and mail. Then forward it on to your friends! Let’s fill up some inboxes and let the government know: #VeneziaAspetta #Veniceiswaiting.